Below are answers to common questions:

Q: What is a typical work-out or class session?

A: We open with stretching and warm-ups. Beginners will work on basic techniques with an emphasis on form. Kata and basic self-defense will come when student is ready.

Q: Are work-outs physically demanding?

A: All exercises are intended develop martial arts skills and build self-discipline and, eventually, confidence and power. And, yes, you’ll be sore for a while, as you would expect with any new physical discipline.

Q: What if I have physical problems?

A: Most physical limitations can be accommodated. we work within our limits while striving to expand them.You’re not trying out for a basketball team. You’re not competing with others, only with yourself.

Q: What if I feel too “out of shape” to participate?

A: Never wait until you’re in shape to get into shape. It will never happen! Just jump in as you are and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q: How long does it take for a black belt?

A: When Louis Armstrong was once asked what “jazz” was, he legendarily responded, “If you gotta ask, you’ll probably never know.” We have a 5 year minimum, though it usually takes longer. If rank is of concern, one ought to go elsewhere.

Rank is worked toward and earned rather than expected.

For additional information, reach out through the Contact Page or call Sensei at 847-968-4588 and we’ll get back to you with answers.