Benefits Without Bruises

Drawing on centuries old techniques from the Martial Arts, this 6-week class is intended to:

  • Increase Core Strength and Energy
  • Improve Balance, Agility and Flexibility
  • Increase Centering and Focus, both physically and mentally
  • Promote Relaxation and Reduce Stress
  • Help reduce the “Clutter” of the Mind

The above, like many of those “As-Seen-On-TV” products, may sound too good to be true — like a gourmet meal without the calories! However, though these are merely the goals of the course, I assure you that you will be offered the tools to achieve them.

Initially designed for Seniors, the program is well-suited to those of any age who wish to benefit from the time-tested principles distilled from the Arts but who choose not to undergo the rigors and discipline of a formal class in combat or self-defense. The 6 hour-long sessions will provide techniques that can enhance many aspects of one’s daily life at home or on the job. At the very least, when practiced, they can offer a needed oasis, a temporary respite from the madness of the modern world.

Further, the principles and movements taught in the course can easily be translated into and serve as the basis for serious self-defense techniques. For those interested, advanced classes or additional reinforcement sessions are also available.

Time: Saturdays 10-11 A.M.
Place: 6265 Murifield Dr., Gurnee, IL
Fee: $65 through PayPal.

Once payment is received, you’ll be secured a spot in the next class, and, as soon as we have a quorum of 8 (maximum 16) students, you’ll be notified of the date of the next session. Please feel free to recruit!